Notifications are sent by email or as SNMP traps.

In addition to the default notifications, XG Firewall sends notifications automatically for some events.

These notifications are sent automatically and you can’t remove them.

  • HA device role changes from standalone, primary, or auxiliary.
  • HA device status changes to faulty.
  • Virtual host status changes to up or down.
  • Changes made through the web admin console: System restart or shutdown.

Gateway status notifications are turned on by default. To send these notifications, turn on Email notifications.

For site-to-site connections with more than one local and remote network, a notification is sent for each subnet pair.

Notifications include a description of the IPsec connection if the administrator enters the information in the connection settings.

IPsec notifications are sent only when host-to-host and site-to-site tunnel connections are disconnected for these reasons:

  • A peer is found dead (DPD).
  • Failed to re-establish connection after Dead Peer Detection (DPD).
  • IPsec Security Association (SA) expired and must be re-established.
  • After losing connectivity, the IPsec tunnel comes up without administrator intervention.