Pattern updates

You can update pattern definitions for components, such as signatures, engines, clients, and devices.

XG Firewall updates patterns automatically by default. You need to update patterns for access points and RED appliances manually. Firmware updates for these devices are available as pattern updates.

Air gap: Some organizations, such as defense, finance, and research, isolate their networking devices from the internet to create a highly secure environment. When XG Firewall is isolated from the internet, it's in an air gap environment. You need to get an air gap license before installing these XG Firewall devices.

You need to update patterns for these devices manually.

Updates status: You can see the status of current pattern versions for the elements listed, the last successful update, and the status of updates. The available version shows the later version when it's available.
  • The update status can be Ready to install, Downloading, Success, or Failed.
  • To manually update all pattern definitions, click Update pattern now. This action doesn't update the patterns for AP firmware and RED firmware.

Manual pattern update: To manually update the pattern definition for a specific component, do as follows:

  1. To download the patterns, click pattern file.

    When you click the link, a .tar file starts downloading.

  2. Select the folder in which to save the file.

    The file contains pattern definitions of all the modules.

  3. Extract the files.
  4. Upload the file for the pattern definition you want to update.
  5. Click Update pattern.
    Restriction You can only update patterns for modules if you have the module subscriptions.

Pattern download and installation: To update pattern definitions automatically, do as follows:

  1. Turn on Auto update.
  2. To set the time to check the availability of pattern updates, select the Interval from the options.
    Tip Access points and RED appliances restart after a pattern update because it updates the firmware. The restart interrupts live connections. The connections reestablish after the update is complete. So, XG Firewall only downloads the firmware for these devices but doesn't update the firmware automatically. Click Install to manually install these updates.