SNMP agent configuration

You can configure XG Firewall as an SNMP agent.

  1. Go to Administration > SNMP.
    You can import or export an SNMP agent, community, or user configuration as a tar file from Backup and firmware > Import export.
  2. Select Enable SNMP agent to configure XG Firewall as an agent.
  3. Enter a name.
  4. Enter the physical location of XG Firewall to identify its location.
  5. Enter the contact details of the person managing XG Firewall.
  6. XG Firewall receives requests from SNMP managers and authorized hosts over the Agent port, using UDP port 161.
  7. XG Firewall sends traps over the Manager port, using UDP port 162.
    Tip To turn on SNMP traps, go to System services > Notification list.
  8. Click Apply.