Update default CA

You can edit the default certificate authority.

  1. Go to Certificates > Certificate authorities.
  2. Select the default CA.

    You can't change the CA name.

  3. Specify the following identification attributes:



    Country name

    Country in which the device is deployed.


    The state within the country.

    Locality name

    Name of the city.

    Organization name

    Name of the certificate owner. Example: Sophos Group

    Organization unit name

    Name of the department to which the certificate will be assigned. Example: marketing

    Common name

    Common name or FQDN. Example: marketing.sophos.com

    Email address

    Contact person’s email address.

    Example ID attributes are shown below, you will need to enter details for your own organization.

    Identification attributes
  4. Enter the CA passphrase and re-enter to confirm.
  5. Click Save.