Add multicast route

You can configure XG Firewall to forward multicast traffic. You need to configure multicast routes when traffic from a single source is routed to multiple receivers, for example, video conferencing.

In this scenario, a client in the LAN zone behind XG Firewall is part of a multicast group. You assign the client an IP address of It receives multicast traffic from an external media streaming server with the IP address, You configure XG Firewall to forward multicast traffic from the external media server to the client listening for the multicast traffic, as shown in the following diagram:

Multicast route

To add a multicast route, do as follows:

  1. Go to Routing > Static routing.
  2. Under Multicast forwarding setting, turn on Enable multicast forwarding.
  3. Under Manage multicast route, click Add.
  4. Enter the multicast route details.

    Source IPv4 address

    Specify the source IPv4 address.

    Source interface

    Select the source interface.

    Multicast IPv4 address

    Specify the multicast IPv4 address from the following address range: to

    Destination interface

    Select the destination interface from the available options. You can select more than one destination interface.

    Example settings:

    Multicast route settings example
  5. Click Save.