Known issues




NC-60615: Firmware upgrade for HA devices.

A false alert appears stating that a firmware upgrade replaces the current configuration with the default configuration.

For HA devices, the false alert appears when you upload a later firmware version ( Upload firmware) and then restart (using Reset button) the firewall to activate the new firmware.

It doesn't appear when you upload and restart in a single action (Upload & boot).

Ignore the alert.

XG Firewall migrates the current configuration when you move to a later firmware version (example: 18.0 MR3). It does not revert to the default configuration.

Resolving the alert in 18.0 MR4.

NC-64820: Firewall rule logs show inbound web traffic from the WAN as allowed even when the traffic is blocked.

The log entry relates to inbound traffic from the WAN over port 80 and port 443 with a matching firewall Drop rule.

Firewall rule logs show the traffic as Allowed. However, web filter logs correctly show the traffic as Denied.

Will be resolved shortly.

NC-58463: Sandbox

When the firewall uses, it may change the data center to which it resolves the URL. For example, if it resolves the URL to the data center US-West, at other times, it resolves to another data center, such as EU-West. The firewall is changing data centers unintentionally and losing job results.

Will be resolved shortly.

NC-59402: APX 320

If you're managing an APX 320 with Israel as the country code through the firewall, the access point operates radio 0 only in 2.4GHz mode unlike other SKUs, such as FCC and ETSI which can operate in dual 5GHz mode.

Will be resolved shortly.

NC-60615: When upgrading from 18.0 GA to 18.0.1 MR1 firmware, the wrong alert message appears.

Downgrade alert instead of upgrade alert shows after clicking Boot firmware image. It doesn't affect the functionality.

Will be resolved shortly.

NC-54978: For HTTPS connections that aren't decrypted, web reports don't show bytes sent or received.

Web reports show a hit to the site, but show zero bytes sent or received.