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eDirectory server

Novell eDirectory is an X.500-compatible directory service for managing access to resources on multiple servers and devices on a network.

General settings

Server IP/domain: Server IP address or domain.

Port: Server port.

Bind DN: DN to use for authentication. Must be specified as a distinguished name (DN) in LDAP syntax.

Password: Password for the server.

Connection security: Connection security for the server.


We recommend you use encryption. Select one of the following: - Plaintext: Send user credentials as unencrypted plain text. - SSL/TLS: Use Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security to encrypt the connection. - STARTTLS: Upgrade a non-encrypted connection by wrapping it with SSL/TLS after or during the connection process. Uses the default port.

Validate server certificate: Validates the certificate on the external server for a secured connection.

Client certificate: Client certificate to use for establishing a secure connection.


To manage client certificates, go to Certificates.

Base DN: Base distinguished name (DN) for the server. The Base DN is the starting point relative to the root of the directory tree, where users are specified. Must be specified as a distinguished name (DN) in LDAP syntax. For example, O=Example,OU=RnD.


Click Get base DN to get the Base DN from the directory.