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Mail logs (MTA mode)

Mail logs show the list of all emails. You can filter these by the action taken and scanning outcome.

  • To apply the selected filters, click Filter.
  • To reset filter options, click Clear.

Basic filter

Specify filters.

  • Start and end dates: Specify the time during which emails were processed.
  • Recipient domain: Select the protected domains.
  • Sender/Recipient/Subject: Specify the keywords.

Result filter

Select the filters for delivery status.

Name Description
Delivered Delivered the email to the recipient.
Rejected Discarded the email and notified the sender.
Bounced Discarded the email after multiple failed delivery attempts.
Dropped Discarded the email and didn't notify the sender.
Quarantined Quarantined the email based on a policy.
Deleted Deleted the email manually.

Reason filter

Select the filters for scanning outcomes.

Name Description
Malware Contains malicious software, such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware.
Spam Unsolicited or undesired emails.
File filter Contains a blocked attachment.
Unscannable Contains unscannable content or a protected attachment.
Data protection Blocked by data protection.
SPX encryption SPX-encrypted.
SPX failure Undelivered, SPX-encrypted emails.
SPF Can't find or match a SPF record.
RBL Blocked due to an RBL listing.
Zero-day protection Found malicious by Zero-day protection.
DKIM verification Outcome of DKIM verification.
BATV Outcome of bounced email check.
Other Blocked for other reasons.

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