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Mail spool (MTA mode)

The mail spool shows emails waiting to be delivered or have returned an error message. You can apply filters and take action on these emails.

  • To apply the selected filters, click Filter.
  • To reset filter options, click Clear.

Basic filter

Specify filters.

  • Start and end dates: Specify the time during which emails were processed.
  • Recipient domain: Select the protected domains.
  • Sender/Recipient/Subject: Specify the keywords.

Status filter

Specify filters.

  • Queued
  • Failed
  • SPX blocked: Waiting for the recipient to generate a password when the SPX password is to be specified by the recipient.
  • Zero-day protection: Waiting for Zero-day protection analysis.
  • Error: Emails that have caused an error.


    You can only download or delete emails in the error queue.

Mail spool data

You can delete or release filtered emails.


  • To delete or retry sending emails related to Zero-day protection, you need read/write permission for Zero-day protection activity.
  • Sophos Firewall retries sending emails for three days. At the end of an additional four days, it discards the emails. You can view discarded emails in mail logs.