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Add an exception

When you add exceptions, you can skip security checks for spam, malware, spoofing, and data protection for specific sources, senders, and recipients.

To add an exception, do as follows:

  1. Go to Email > Policies and exceptions and click Add an exception.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. Select the security checks to skip.

    Option Description
    Spam protection
    • RBL
    • Anti-spam
    • Greylisting
    • Recipient verification
    • IP reputation
    • SPF
    • BATV
    Malware protection
    • Malware
    • Zero-day protection
    • Data protection
    • File protection
    • Encryption
    • Banner addition
    • DKIM signing
    • DKIM verification


    To exempt a sender's emails from BATV check, enter the sender's email address in Sender addresses and Recipient addresses.

  4. Select the objects to which you apply the exception.

    Option Description
    Sources or hosts Specify the source IP addresses or FQDNs.Sophos Firewall doesn't support wildcard FQDNs for email host exceptions. You don't need to create an exception for localhost. By default, Sophos Firewall doesn't scan emails for localhost.
    Sender addresses Enter an email address ( or a wildcard (*
    Recipient addresses Enter an email address ( or a wildcard (*
  5. Click Save.

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