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Last update: 2021-10-15


A zone is a grouping of interfaces. Zones also specify the services that can be used to administer devices and authenticate users. When used with firewall rules, zones provide a convenient method of managing security and traffic for a group of interfaces.

Name Description
LAN Groups interfaces with different network subnets so that you can manage them as a single entity. By default, traffic to and from this zone is blocked. To allow traffic between two LAN zone interfaces a LAN to LAN firewall rule is required.
DMZ (De-militarized zone) Typically used for publicly accessible server networks such as web servers.
WAN Used for all interfaces with a default gateway. Most likely used for internet access.
VPN Automatically created interfaces used by IPsec or SSL VPN connections. When a VPN connection is created, the interface used by the connection is automatically added to this zone.
WiFi Use for wireless internet services when a separate zone is configured. Bridge to AP LAN and Bridge to VLAN will not use a dedicated interface.
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