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Last update: 2021-12-03

Use OTP to register with Sophos Central

To register Sophos firewall in Sophos Central using OTP, do as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Sophos Central account, go to Firewall Management, and click Firewalls.
  2. Click Add Firewall.
  3. In the pop-up window, select Join a Firewall that is configured or deployed.


    If the firewall isn't yet configured, you must go through the initial setup wizard before registering with central using OTP.

  4. Enter the firewall serial number in Enter Device Serial Number and click Next.


    For HA devices, enter both serial numbers separated by a comma.

  5. In the next window, make sure Register using OTP is selected and click Copy OTP and finish.

  6. Sign in to Sophos Firewall and go to Sophos Central and click Register.
  7. Select Use OTP.
  8. Paste the OTP you copied from Sophos Central in to Enter OTP and click Register.


    For new HA pairs, you must enter the OTP only on the primary device.

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