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Guarantee bandwidth for an application category

You can apply a traffic shaping policy that guarantees bandwidth to an application.

In this example, you guarantee 10 MB for remote access applications. Do as follows:

  • Create a traffic shaping policy.
  • Apply the policy to an application category.
  • Create an application control policy with this application category.
  • Add the application control policy to a firewall rule and apply traffic shaping.

Create a traffic shaping policy to guarantee bandwidth for applications

The following are example settings:

  1. Go to System services > Traffic shaping and click Add.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. Set Policy association to Applications.
  4. Set Rule type to Guarantee.
  5. Set Priority as 1.
  6. Enter the following for Guarantee - Limit:

    • Guarantee: 10000 (This is the minimum bandwidth.)
    • Limit: 12000 (This is the maximum bandwidth.)
  7. Set Bandwidth usage type to Shared.
    All applications and application categories to which you assign this policy will share the guaranteed bandwidth.

  8. Click Save.

Here's an example:

Settings for traffic shaping policy

Apply traffic shaping policy to an application category

The following are example settings:

  1. Go to Applications > Traffic shaping default.
  2. Click Edit next to the Remote Access category.

    Remote access application category

  3. Select the traffic shaping policy you created.

    Traffic shaping policy

  4. Click Save.

Add an application control policy

The following are example settings:

  1. Go to Applications > Application filter and click the edit button next to the policy you want. Alternatively, you can create a new policy.
  2. To add an application filter policy rule to the filter, click Add.
  3. Under Category, select Remote access.

    Application filter policy rule

  4. Click Save for the rule.

  5. Click Save for the policy.

Add application control policy to firewall rule

  1. Go to Rules and policies > Firewall rules.
  2. Open the firewall rule you want to edit.
  3. Go to Other security features. Under Identify and control applications, select Apply application-based traffic shaping policy.
    The application control policy to which you've added the application policy rule has already been added to the firewall rule.

    Here's an example:

    Application filter policy rule

  4. Click Save.

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