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Last update: 2021-11-22

Access points

A wireless access point (WAP) is a hardware device that allows Wi-Fi clients to connect to your wired network. The firewall obtains configuration and status details from access points using AES-encrypted communication. Use these settings to allow Sophos access points to connect to your network and manage the access points on your network.


To connect access points to your wireless network, open ports 443, 80, and 123.

  • To allow an access point to connect to your network, select an access point and click Accept.
  • To delete an access point after it has been removed from your network, select an access point and click Delete.
  • To restart an access point, select an access point and click Restart.

Types of access points and Wi-Fi modules

Sophos Firewall supports the following types of access points and expansion modules:

  • Indoor access points, such as the APX and AP series. You can manage these models using the Sophos Firewall appliances and Sophos Central.
  • Outdoor access points, such as AP 100X and APX 320X.


    You can only manage APX 320X using Sophos Central. You can't manage this model from Sophos Firewall appliances.

  • Integrated firewalls with built-in Wi-Fi, such as XG 135w and XGS 107w.

  • Wi-Fi expansion module: You can use this optional module with some Sophos Firewall and SD-RED appliances.

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