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DNS Configuration

Configure and manage DNS

The following screen displays a list of all the IPv4 and IPv6 DNS servers configured in the device:

DNS Configuration

    Current Ipv4 DNS configuration  :   Static

        DNS 1 :
        DNS 2 :
        DNS 3 :

    Current Ipv6 DNS Configuration  :   Static

        DNS 1 : N.A.
        DNS 2 : N.A.
        DNS 3 : N.A.

    Press Enter to continue ......

Set DNS IP Address

This section allows you to set or modify the existing DNS configuration. Type y and press Enter to set the DNS server's IP address. Press Enter again to skip changing the current DNS configuration. See the following example:

Set IPv4 DNS (y/n)  :   No (Enter) >

Press Enter to return to the Main menu.