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BGP configuration steps

BGP configuration steps in Sophos Firewall

To configure BGP, do as follows:

  1. Select Option 3 (Route Configuration) > Option 1 (Configure Unicast Routing) > Option 3 (Configure BGP)

    You see the following prompt:

  2. Type enable

    This turns the BGP routing process on and switches to global configuration mode.

  3. Specify a list of networks for the BGP routing process.

    Option Description
    bgp#configure terminal** Enables the BGP configuration mode, which switches to Router Configuration mode and allows you to configure from the terminal.
    bgp(config)#router bgp AS number Allows you to configure and start the BGP routing process. The AS (Autonomous System) number is the number of the local AS that your Sophos Firewall is a member of.
    bgp(config-router)#network ip-address Specify the ip-address with the subnet information of the network to be advertised.

    IP Addresses and network masks or prefixes of networks to advertise to BGP peers. Sophos Firewall may have a physical or VLAN interface connected to those networks.

    bgp(config - router)#show running - config Shows the configuration. By default, the router ID is the IP address of the Sophos Firewall. The router ID is used to identify the Sophos Firewall to other BGP routers. The router ID can be an integer or take a form similar to an IP address, for example, A.B.C.D.
    bgp(config-router)#end Exits from the router configuration mode and places you into the enable mode.
    bgp#exit Exits to the router management menu.