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Add a web policy override

Specify the websites and web categories to unblock during the policy override session.

You can use the default access code or generate a new one to unblock the websites. You must specify the session's time period.

  1. Go to My policy overrides and click Add.
  2. Enter a session name.
  3. You can use the default access code. To generate a new code, select Generate access code. If your administrator authorizes you, you can manually create the code.


    When you try to access a blocked website, a block page appears. Enter the access code in the field provided on the block page.

  4. Specify the allowed websites.

  5. Select the allowed website categories.


    You can't unblock websites for which your administrator disallows policy overrides.

  6. For Restricted to time periods, select a schedule from the list. You can unblock the websites and web categories during this time period.

  7. Select Apply.