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Remote access SSL VPN with Sophos Connect client

You can download the Sophos Connect client and SSL VPN configuration to establish a remote access SSL VPN connection between your endpoint and your organization's network.

Can I configure remote access SSL VPN on my endpoint?

You can configure the connection on the following endpoints:

  • Windows 8.1 devices
  • Windows 10 devices

You can't configure it on the following endpoints:

  • macOS devices
  • Linux devices
  • Mobile devices

For these endpoints, use the legacy SSL VPN client or an open source OpenVPN client.

Download the Sophos Connect client

  1. Sign in to the user portal.
  2. Go to VPN.
  3. Under Sophos Connect client (IPsec and SSL VPN), click Download client for Windows.

    Download Sophos Connect client for Windows

  4. Click the downloaded file to install the Sophos Connect client on your device.
    You can see the client on your desktop.

  5. Double-click the client.
    You can then see it in the Windows tray in the lower-right corner.

    Sophos Connect client in Windows tray

Download the configuration file

  1. On the user portal, scroll down to SSL VPN client and click Download configuration for other OSs.
    This downloads a .ovpn file.

    Download configuration file


    You can see the SSL VPN client section only if your administrator has configured a remote access SSL VPN policy for you.

Import the configuration file to the client

  1. Click the Sophos Connect client in the Windows tray on your endpoint and click Import connection.

    Import the connection

  2. Select the .ovpn configuration file you've downloaded.

    Here's an example of a connection: VPN connection

  3. Click Connect to sign in.

    Click connect

  4. Enter your user portal credentials.

    Sign in to connect

  5. Enter the verification code if you're prompted for two-factor authentication.

  6. Click Sign in.

This establishes the remote access SSL VPN connection. Future connections are established automatically.


If tunnels that had connected earlier don't connect later, download the .ovpn configuration file again from the user portal, and import it to the Sophos Connect client.

You must do this if your administrator has made configuration changes.

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