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Software appliance

You can deploy the Sophos Firewall software on bare metal machines, which is physical hardware, over Windows and macOS systems.

The firewall is designed to support standard bare metal hardware offerings, such as Dell, HP, and others.

Sophos Firewall software installed on bare metal hardware offers its full protection, including threat response, rules, policies, and routes, such as static, SD-WAN, and dynamic routes.

The hardware must meet the prerequisites given below.


When you install the Sophos Firewall ISO on custom hardware, the installation process formats, reimages, and then repartitions the custom hardware with SFOS. The process erases the contents of the hard disk, including the operating system. So, make sure you take a backup of all data before the installation.


Hardware Specification
Network interface cards 2
RAM 4 GB minimum
HDD or SSD 10 GB minimum

64 GB recommended
USB pen drive 1 GB

If you don't meet the minimum requirements, Sophos Firewall goes into fail-safe mode.