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Reports help you analyze traffic and threats and in regulatory compliance.

For example, you can view a report that includes all web server protection activities taken by the firewall, such as blocked web server requests and identified viruses.

To generate report data, select Log firewall traffic in each firewall rule.

Use reports to identify threats, manage usage, and increase security.

  • To view a report, select a group from the Show list. Some selections allow you to further refine the data in the report. You can also specify a date range for the report.
  • To refresh the report data, click Generate.
  • To download the report data, click any of the available download formats.
  • To create a bookmark for the report, click Bookmark.
  • To schedule a report to be emailed at specified intervals, click Schedule.
  • To filter the results, click Filter Filter button and specify the criteria.
  • To specify configuration options for reports, click Show report settings.

The following selections result in a report that shows application traffic for a specified date range.

Select the criteria for reports

Select the date range


XG 86, XG 86w, XGS 87, and XGS 87w don't support on-appliance reporting.

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