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Sophos Firewall allows you to set up and manage wireless networks using built-in Wi-Fi, if any, or a Sophos access point.

The firewall supports the latest security and encryption standards to secure your wireless networks, including rogue access point scanning and WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2). WPA2 is an AES-based (Advanced Encryption Standard) security standard for wireless networks.

Wireless protection allows you to configure and manage access points, wireless networks, and clients in one place. You can also add and manage mesh networks and hotspots.

Separate zone wireless networks

A separate zone wireless network has its subnet completely separate from your LAN network. It allows you to keep both networks segregated and assign different traffic policies to each network. This option provides the most security and flexibility in managing wireless traffic. We recommend you use it for any guest networks or networks where you don't want the wireless devices to communicate with your other LAN networks.

Bridge to access point LAN wireless networks

A bridge to access point LAN network allows you to extend your LAN network across wireless devices. The wireless network devices are assigned IP addresses from the same range as your LAN, and the traffic is controlled by the same policies applied to the LAN network. Additionally, wireless devices communicate with those on your LAN network. So, we don't recommend you use this option for wireless networks where you don't want devices to communicate with your LAN network.