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The administrator configures users' personal details, such as name, sign-in credentials, email address, and user-group membership, when they're registered. The user group applies a set of policies that define the group members' surfing quota, access time quota, and network traffic quota. The surfing quota policy defines the user account expiry date, while the access time policy defines the total number of allowed internet usage hours. The data transfer policy defines upload and download data transfer restrictions.

The administrator and user can view the user details. The administrator can view the details of a user in the device, while a user can view them on the user portal.

Access the user portal

You can access the user portal in the following ways:

  1. Browse to https://<Sophos Device IP Address>:443.
  2. Go to the captive portal and click Click here for User Portal.

Sign in to the portal using your user's sign-in credentials.


External users who need to use authentication services must sign in to the captive portal once before they get access to the user portal. External users can access the captive portal by browsing to https://<Sophos Device IP Address\>:8090. After signing in, external users have access to the user portal.