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You can deploy the Sophos Firewall virtual appliance on the KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) platform.


To run the Sophos Firewall VM on Proxmox, you must turn off Use QEMU Guest Agent in the VM settings in Proxmox.


  • You must have a server with x86 architecture with a recent Linux kernel and one of these processors:

    • Intel processor with VT (virtualization technology) extensions
    • AMD processor with SVM extensions (AMD-V)
  • Check if the CPU supports Intel VT or AMD-V, using these commands:

    • Intel VT: #!sh grep --color vmx /proc/cpuinfo
    • AMD-V: #!sh grep --color svm /proc/cpuinfo
  • Install the virt-manager (Virtual Machine Manager) application on a management device to manage the KVM. For details, go to KVM FAQs.

Hardware Specification
vCPU 1
vRAM 4 GB minimum
vNIC 2
Primary disk 16 GB minimum
Report disk 80 GB minimum

If you don't meet the minimum requirements, Sophos Firewall goes into fail-safe mode.


Configure the vCPU and vRAM based on the purchased license. Don't exceed the maximum number of vCPUs specified in the license.