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Last update: 2022-05-24


Groups contain policies and settings that you can manage as a single unit. With groups, you can simplify policy management for users. For example, you may want to create a grouping of settings that specifies a surfing quota and limits the access time for guest users.

If you use authentication servers like, for example, LDAP, users are automatically created and added to their directory group at the time they sign in. Directory users who are in an OU (organizational unit) but not in a directory group, will be added to the Open Group when they sign in.

  • To view the list of members in a group, click Edit Edit button and then click Show group members.
  • To add members to a group, click Edit Edit button and then click Add members.

Sophos Firewall evaluates groups from the top down until it finds a match. Once it finds a match for the packet, it doesn’t evaluate subsequent groups. So, position the specific groups above the less specific groups. To change the ordering of groups within the web admin console click the Reorder button, then drag and drop the groups into the order you require.

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