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View usage

You can see the surfing time and network traffic (data transfer) quotas assigned to a user and the actual use.

  • To see a user's internet use, go to Authentication > Users and click the user. Scroll down and click View usage.
  • To reset the user’s surfing time and network traffic usage, click Reset user accounting.

Policy information

You can see the following policy details and internet usage time for the user:

Group: Group the user belongs to. For Active Directory users, it only shows the user's main group. See FAQs for Active Directory users and groups.

Surfing time quota:

  • Time allotted to user: Hours of surfing time allotted.
  • Surfing quota expiry date: Expiry date of surfing time.
  • Internet usage time: Duration of internet use from the start or from the last reset.

Network traffic quota:

  • Data transfer cycle renewal: Renewal date for recurring quota. Shown as not applicable (N.A.) for non-recurring quota.

Usage information

You can see the user's total and current session's data use.

  • Upload network traffic: Data uploaded.
  • Download network traffic: Data downloaded.
  • Allotted: Maximum network traffic quota assigned to the user.

Current cycle usage information

You can see the user's data use in the current cycle for recurring network traffic quota. Data use is for the assigned cycle duration, for example, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

  • Cycle upload network traffic: Data uploaded in the current cycle.
  • Cycle download network traffic: Data downloaded in the current cycle.
  • Allotted: Network traffic quota for the cycle assigned to the user.

View usage

Select from the list to see the usage for a specific month.

You can see the source IP address, start and stop times, duration of use, and data uploaded and downloaded.