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Postman collection

Sophos Firewall offers a Postman collection with preconfigured payloads for its API.

You can import the collection to Postman and use it. See Postman collection for Sophos Firewall.

Use the Postman collection

Do as follows:

  1. In the firewall, check if you've turned on API and allowed access to API administrators. See API.
  2. Install the latest Postman application on your endpoint.
  3. Click Import and paste the following URL:

    Import Postman collection.

    Postman imports the collection. Alternatively, go to the URL, save the file in a text editor, such as, Notepad, and import the file to Postman.

  4. In the collection's main menu, click Variables, and change the following initial or current values based on your requirement, then click Save:

    1. username
    2. password
    3. firewall-ip: It's the IP address of your web admin console.
    4. firewall-port


    The updated values are automatically applied to your Postman collection, although you can't see them in the individual requests.

    Change the variables.

  5. In the collection list, click Authenticate and click Sign in to test the connection and variables.

    Postman collection sign in request.

  6. In the main body, click Send.

    Post sign-in request.

    You'll see a success message in the section below the main body.

    Administrator is authenticated.

  7. You can now send configuration requests. These contain example settings. Make sure you customize these to meet your network requirements.