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Last update: 2022-05-24

Backup and firmware

You can manage the configuration, firmware versions, hotfixes, and pattern updates.

Backup and restore: You can take an encrypted backup of the configuration and restore it.

API: You can add, update, and delete rules, policies, and objects using the API. To make API changes, you must export the configuration. You can use the API feature to keep the configuration consistent across many Sophos Firewall devices.

Import export: You can import and export the full configuration or parts of it, for example, rules, policies, settings, and objects. You can use this to make offline changes to the exported XML file and then import it.

You can only import partial configurations from lower to higher models of Sophos Firewall. For details of compatible devices, see Backup-restore compatibility check.

Firmware: You can update Sophos Firewall using a different firmware version. You can also apply hotfixes automatically. The page allows you to change the default language for the web admin console.

Pattern updates: You can specify manual or automatic updates for some modules, such as antivirus, IPS, application signatures, and WAF.

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