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Display filter

Use Display filter to set the filtering criteria for displaying the connection list.

  1. Go to Diagnostics > Connection list and click Display filter.
  2. Enter the filter parameters:

    Option Description
    In interface Interface used by the incoming connection.
    Out interface Interface used by the outgoing connection.
    User Name of the user establishing a connection.
    Network protocol Select the network protocol used to establish a connection.
    Available options: IPv4, IPv6
    Source IP IP address (IPv4/IPv6) from which the connection was established.
    Destination IP IP address (IPv4/IPv6) on which connection is established.
    Packet type Select the type of packet used for the connection.
    Source port Source port of the connection.
    Destination port Destination port for the connection.
    Rule ID Firewall rule ID.
    Clear Click to remove the filter settings.
  3. Click OK.