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Users aren't authenticated

If remote access SSL VPN users aren't getting authenticated, check the following settings.

Authentication services

  1. Go to Authentication > Services.
  2. Under SSL VPN authentication methods, make sure you've selected the correct authentication servers.

Authentication servers

  1. Go to Authentication > Servers.
  2. Make sure the server settings are correct.
  3. Click Test connection at the bottom of the page to see if you can establish a connection with the server.

Multi-factor authentication

  1. In the firewall:

    1. Go to Authentication > Multi-factor authentication.
    2. Make sure you've selected All users or the users and groups you selected in remote access SSL VPN policies.
  2. In the Sophos Connect client:

    1. The Sophos Connect client supports Call and Push-based MFA. Users must enter the password in the following format: <password><otp>

      See Unable to connect through SSL VPN due to missing OTP.

    2. The Sophos Connect client only supports ASCII characters in usernames. It doesn't support certain sequences of special characters. See Sophos Connect: Supported characters.