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Last update: 2022-05-24

Applications & web

View information about application and internet usage on your network.

Application risk meter

Sophos Firewall calculates scores based on the risk level and number of hits of individual applications. The application risk meter is based on the average score of all application traffic.


Reports show the risk level and number of hits of individual applications.

Name Description
User app risks & usage Usage of various applications and associated risks.
Blocked user apps Blocked attempts for accessing various applications.
Web risks & usage Web usage on your network and associated risks.
Blocked web attempts Unsuccessful attempts made by users to access blocked sites.
Search engine User search patterns.
Web content Content filter matches and associated details.

Sophos Firewall always blocks web pages categorized as highly objectionable criminal activity and hides the domain name in logs and reports.
Web server usage Application, web, internet, and FTP traffic.
Web server protection Security status of your hosted web servers, including attacks and sources.
User data transfer User traffic.
FTP usage FTP activity.
FTP protection Malicious FTP activity.
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