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Add OSPF areas

To add an OSPF area, do as follows:

  1. Go to Routing > OSPF and click Add in the Areas section.
  2. Enter the OSPF area details.

    Name Description
    Area Specify an IP address for the area.
    Type Select the type of OSPF area from the options available.

    The available options are normal, stub, stub no-summary, NSSA, and NSSA no-summary.
    Virtual links
    (Available only if the Normal area type is selected)
    Specify a virtual link for an area that does not have a physical connection to connect to the backbone area.

    Click Add Add button. to add virtual links.
    Authentication Select the type of authentication from the following options: Text, MD5.
    Area cost
    (not available for the Normal area type)
    Specify the area cost.

    Acceptable range: 0 to 16777215
  3. Click Save.