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Last update: 2022-05-25

Traffic shaping settings

Use these settings to specify maximum bandwidth, traffic optimization, and bandwidth allocation for internet-bound traffic. These settings are usually applied to traffic that doesn't have a policy applied to it.

  • To view bandwidth usage, click Show bandwidth usage at the bottom of the page.

General settings

Total available WAN bandwidth: Sum of the maximum limits for all WAN links (in KB/s).

Optimize for real-time (VoIP): Gives priority to real-time traffic such as VoIP. If disabled, priority will be applicable only for excess bandwidth, that is, bandwidth remaining after guaranteed bandwidth allocation.

Enforce guaranteed bandwidth: Select Enable to enforce the default policy settings on this page.

Default policy: Default policy to use for traffic that does not have a traffic-shaping policy applied.

  • Guarantee: Minimum bandwidth available to the user.
  • Limit: Maximum bandwidth available to the user.
  • Priority: Set from 1 (highest) to 7 (lowest) depending on the traffic required to be shaped.

If you want to specify individual traffic shaping policies, go to System services > Traffic shaping.

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