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Protection settings

Use these settings to specify a datacenter and to exclude files from the Zero-day protection analysis.

Option Description
Zero-day protection datacenter location Files to be analyzed are sent to a Zero-day protection datacenter in the cloud over a secure SSL connection. By default, Sophos Firewall selects the closest datacenter. However, you can select a datacenter of your choice.

Changing the datacenter may cause the loss of analysis for files currently being processed by Zero-day protection.
Exclude file types Exclude the selected types of email attachments and web downloads from Zero-day protection analysis. The file type is determined by the file extension and MIME header.

Archives that include files of the selected types will also be excluded, regardless of what other types of files they contain.

To exclude file types, click Add new item and select the file type from the list.


Although you can exclude any file type, many file types that are considered safe (for example, images) are never sent for analysis. Sophos Firewall sends only risky file types for detonation and analysis by Zero-day protection.