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Last update: 2022-05-25

DNS Configuration

Configure and manage DNS

The following screen displays a list of all the IPv4 and IPv6 DNS servers configured in the device:

DNS Configuration

    Current Ipv4 DNS configuration  :   Static

        DNS 1 :
        DNS 2 :
        DNS 3 :

    Current Ipv6 DNS Configuration  :   Static

        DNS 1 : N.A.
        DNS 2 : N.A.
        DNS 3 : N.A.

    Press Enter to continue ......

Set DNS IP Address

This section allows setting or modifying the existing DNS configuration. The following screen allows you to set or modify the DNS configuration. Type y and press Enter to set the DNS server IP Address. Press Enter again to skip changing the current DNS configuration.

Set IPv4 DNS (y/n)  :   No (Enter) >

Press Enter to return to the Main menu.

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