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RIP configuration

The option to configure RIP is available only when you deploy Sophos Firewall in gateway mode.

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is a widely used routing protocol that uses hop count to determine the best route to a destination.

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is a distance-vector routing protocol for small, relatively uniform networks. It uses hop count as its routing metric. Each network is usually counted as one hop. The network diameter is limited to 15 hops. So, when the hop count becomes 16, the network is considered unreachable and at an infinite distance.

The firewall uses RIP protocol to send routing update messages regularly to the next router. The next router updates its routing table and increases the metric value for the path by one when it receives the changes. The sender of the message is considered the next hop. The firewall maintains only the route with the least metric value to a destination.

Firewall implementation of RIP supports:

  • RIP version 1 (see RFC 1058)
  • RIP version 2 (see RFC 2453)
  • Plain text and Message Digest 5 (MD5) authentication

Removing routes

To remove route configuration, run the no network command followed by the IP address in the command prompt as shown below. Be sure to replace the IP address with the appropriate IP address for your network.

rip(config)#no network

To exit this screen and return to the menu type exit.


Disabling RIP

To turn off RIP routing configuration, run the no router command from the command prompt as follows:

rip(config)#no router rip

To exit this screen and return to the menu type exit.


RIP configuration task list

You must turn on RIP before you can run any of the RIP commands.

To configure RIP. See RIP configuration steps.