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Last update: 2022-05-24

Configuring interfaces

  1. To configure an interface, go to Network > Interfaces.
  2. Click Menu Menu button and select Edit interface.
  3. Select a zone from the drop-down list.

    Select the zone

    When a zone is chosen, further configuration options are shown. By default, these are IPv4 options.

  4. Select how the interface IP address will be assigned.

    Method of assigning IP addresses to interfaces

    If you choose DHCP, no further configuration options are required, and you can save the configuration. See Step 7.

    PPPoE connection is normally only used in the WAN zone when setting up a DSL connection to your ISP. This requires you to enter some information provided by your ISP. See step 6.

    To set a static IP address for the interface, see the next step.

  5. To assign a static IP address to the interface, enter the IP address you want to use and the subnet mask of the network.

    Assign an IP address to the interface

    If you are setting up a WAN interface, you also need to enter the name of your gateway and its IP address.

  6. If you are configuring a PPPoE interface, you need to enter the following information as provided by your ISP.

    Configuring PPPoE

    Option Description
    Preferred IP Preferred IP address for the PPPoE connection. Many internet service providers assign a static IP address to PPPoE connections. The Sophos Firewall allows you to bind the static IP address to the PPPoE connection.

    An address other than the preferred IP address may be assigned to the PPPoE connection, depending on the PPPoE server configuration.

    Gateway name The name of the gateway through which your internet traffic will be routed.
    Username PPPoE account username.
    Password PPPoE account password.
    Access concentrator/service name Access concentrator and service name. The firewall starts only those sessions with the access concentrator that can provide the specified service.
    LCP echo interval Time, in seconds, that the system must wait before it sends an echo request to check whether the link is live. Once an attempt is made, the firewall waits for the defined time interval before the next attempt is made.
    LCP failure Number of attempts (echo requests) to be made. When the specified number of attempts have been made without receiving a response from the endpoint, the firewall disconnects the PPPoE connection.
    Schedule time for reconnect The address assigned to a PPPoE connection, whether dynamic or static (preferred), can have a predefined validity period. When the period expires, the PPPoE connection is closed and is reconnected. To prevent reconnection during working hours, enable the PPPoE reconnect schedule.

    On reconnection, an address other than the preferred IP address (if specified) may be assigned to the PPPoE connection.

  7. Click Save.

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