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Installing on Citrix Hypervisor

You can deploy a Sophos Firewall OVF image on Citrix Hypervisor.

  1. Go to Sophos Firewall free trial and download the .zip file containing the Sophos Firewall OVF image. Extract and save the image on the device that has XenCenter installed.
  2. To deploy the OVF image, follow these steps:

    1. Start XenCenter. Select Import Source and select the OVF image.

    2. Select Location to place the virtual machine. Go to Import VM(s) to and select the location. Alternatively, you can specify a Home Server.

    3. Select Storage and specify the storage repository in the destination pool.

    4. Select Networking and select the network interface through which the virtual appliance will connect to the internet.

    5. For OS Fixup Settings, retain the default selection: Don't use Operating System Fixup.

    6. Select Transfer VM Settings and specify the network settings.

    7. Review the configuration summary.

    8. To connect to the appliance, right-click the virtual appliance and select Start.

    Sophos Firewall will be installed on the server.

  3. Configure Sophos Firewall.

    1. Enter the administrator password admin.
    2. Accept the Sophos End User Terms of Use.

      The Main menu appears.

    3. From the management device, go to

    4. Select Start to open the initial setup wizard and complete the basic configuration.


      The wizard won't start if you've changed the default password from the CLI console.

You need to activate and register Sophos Firewall.