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Groups contain policies and settings you can manage as a single unit for users. With groups, you can simplify policy management for users.

If you use authentication servers, such as Active Directory, users are automatically created and added to their directory group when they sign in. Directory users who belong to an organizational unit (OU) but not to a directory group are added to the default group when they sign in. You can see the default group on Authentication > Services under Firewall authentication methods.

  • To view the group members list, click edit Edit button. and then click Show group members.
  • To add members to a group, click edit Edit button. and Add member(s).
  • Configure an AD server to import groups from Active Directory (AD). See Configure Active Directory authentication.
  • To change the group order in the list, click Reorder, then drag and drop the group. For AD users, the group position on this list can determine their main group. See Support for Active Directory group memberships.