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Upstream proxy

Sophos Firewall can send outgoing web requests from your network to the WAN zone through an upstream parent proxy.

When you configure an upstream proxy with Sophos Firewall, you don't need to configure users' browsers to send traffic to the upstream proxy.

You can add a single upstream proxy to Sophos Firewall. The proxy can be in the LAN, DMZ, or WAN zones. Sophos Firewall forwards all web requests from your network to the upstream proxy. The proxy then sends the requests to the internet.


The DPI engine doesn't support upstream proxy. Select Use web proxy instead of DPI engine in the firewall rule used for your web traffic.

Specify the following settings for an IPv4 or IPv6 upstream proxy:

  1. Select Parent proxy.
  2. Enter the domain name or IP address of the proxy server.
  3. Enter the port number (default: 3128) for forwarding web requests to the proxy server.
  4. Enter the username and password if your upstream proxy requires authentication.
  5. Click Apply.