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Add OSPF areas

To add an OSPF area, do as follows:

  1. Go to Routing > OSPF and click Add in the Areas section.
  2. Enter the OSPF area details.

    Name Description
    Area Enter a value in IPv4 address format. Example:

    Select the type of OSPF area from the options available.

    The available options are normal, stub, stub no-summary, NSSA, and NSSA no-summary.

    Virtual links

    (Available only if the Normal area type is selected)

    Specify a virtual link for an area that does not have a physical connection to connect to the backbone area.

    Click Add Add button. to add virtual links.

    Authentication Select the type of authentication from the following options: Text, MD5.

    Area cost

    (not available for the Normal area type)

    Specify the area cost.
  3. Click Save.