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Override interface configuration

Override default interface configurations of OSPF.

  1. Go to Routing > OSPF and click Select interface in the Override interface configuration section.

  2. Enter the interface configuration details.

    Name Description
    Interface Select the interface to be configured for OSPF.
    Hello interval

    Specify the time interval after which the interface sends hello packet to the neighbor router.

    Default: 10 seconds.

    Dead interval

    Time, in seconds, the interface waits to receive a hello packet before it determines a neighbor's unavailable.

    Default: 40 seconds. The firewall automatically sets the dead interval at four times the Hello interval value. When you use this calculated value, make sure the dead interval is within the allowed range.

    You can change the dead interval manually.

    Retransmit interval

    Specify the time interval for retransmitting the link-state advertisements (LSA) to the interface’s neighbor.

    Default: 5 seconds.

    Transmit delay

    Specify the time in seconds needed to transmit a link-state update packet on the interface.

    Default: 1 second.

    Interface cost

    Determines the best OSPF route.

    If you select Auto, the firewall uses the configured interface speed to calculate the interface cost. See Auto-cost reference-bandwidth.

    If you change the configured speed on Networks > Interfaces for Link mode, OSPF uses the updated speed only after you restart the firewall.

    Alternatively, clear the checkbox and enter a value. Lower numbers indicate a lower cost and are preferred.


    Select the type of authentication for authenticating the OSPF packets.

    The available options are as follows:

    • Text: You must provide a password for authentication.
    • MD5: Provide a key ID and a key. The key ID can be from 0 to 255.
    Router priority

    Specify priority for a router.

    Default: 1.

  3. Click Save.