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Access points

Sophos access points, built-in Wi-Fi devices, and Wi-Fi RED appliances allow users to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

You can also use the Wi-Fi expansion module with some Sophos Firewall and SD-RED models.


Sophos Firewall uses port 2712 to manage access points.

The access points get the configuration from the firewall through AES-encrypted communication.

Use the following settings to manage the Sophos access points:

  • To allow an access point to connect to your network, select an access point and click Accept.
  • To delete an access point after it has been removed from your network, select an access point and click Delete.
  • To restart an access point, select an access point and click Restart.

Types of access points and Wi-Fi modules

Sophos Firewall supports the following types of access points and expansion modules:

  • Indoor access points, such as the APX and AP series.

  • Outdoor access points, such as AP 100X and APX 320X.

    • AP 100X: You can manage this model using Sophos Firewall or Sophos Central. See the technical specifications.
    • APX 320X: You can only manage APX 320X using Sophos Central. You can't manage this model from Sophos Firewall. See the technical specifications.
  • RED wireless devices, such as RED 15w.

  • Integrated firewalls with built-in Wi-Fi, such as XG 135w and XGS 107w.
  • Wi-Fi expansion module: You can use this optional module with some Sophos Firewall and SD-RED appliances. For the compatible models, see the following:

The RED 15w and REDs with Wi-Fi expansion module use the DHCP option 234 to communicate with Sophos Firewall or Sophos UTM when they act as a wireless access point.

Managing wireless devices from Sophos Central

You can manage your access points from Sophos Central through its Wireless module. You can manage your built-in Wi-Fi appliances from Sophos Central through Firewall management.

For compatibility and licensing details, see the wireless licensing guide.

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