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Accessing Command Line Console

You can access CLI in three ways:

  • Locally with console cable: Connect your computer directly to the console port of your firewall. See Sophos Firewall: Set up a serial connection with a console cable.
  • Remotely through a network: Connect your computer through any network interface attached to one of the ports on your firewall.

    • You must turn SSH administrative access on for the network interface if you want to connect using an SSH client.

    • You must turn on HTTPS administrative access on for the network interface if you want to connect by accessing the CLI Console in the web admin console. You can access the CLI console from the top-right corner of the screen.


Sophos Firewall closes idle SSH sessions after 15 minutes.

You can connect to Sophos Firewall using the serial cable. You can also use the micro USB port for some models.


When you connect both Micro USB and RJ45 serial cables, Sophos Firewall gives priority to the Micro USB and redirects output to it.

The serial port baud rate 38400 is grayed out in BIOS to prevent accidental changes.

On successful login, the main menu screen is displayed with the following options:

Main Menu

  1. Network Configuration
  2. System Configuration
  3. Route Configuration
  4. Device Console
  5. Device Management
  6. VPN Management
  7. Shutdown/Reboot Device
  0. Exit

Select Menu Number [0-7]:

To access any menu item, type the number corresponding to the item.


To access Network Configuration, press 1.

See Connect to the CLI using a local serial console connection.