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Set the Sophos Firewall clock

Synchronize the clock on the firewall with predefined or custom Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers. Alternatively, set it to the local time zone or change the time and date manually.


When you change NTP time servers, all IPsec connections will reconnect.

  1. Go to Administration > Time.
  2. Current time shows the time and date of the firewall.
  3. Select the time zone of the location in which the firewall is deployed.
  4. To set the firewall clock, select from the following:

    • Use predefined NTP server: The firewall uses NTP version 3 and synchronizes with
    • Use custom NTP server: Enter the IPv4 or IPv6 address or the domain name of the server. You can specify up to 10 NTP servers. The firewall checks the list in the order shown until a server responds.
    • Do not use NTP server: Specify Date and Time. The default values are based on the time zone you specified above.


    We recommend using an NTP server. These servers use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which authenticator apps and certificate authorities use.

    Manually setting the firewall clock can result in inaccurate date and time, which can cause failures in authentication, importing certificates, and establishing VPN tunnels.

  5. Click Sync now if you specified an NTP server.


    Current time doesn't update when you click Sync now. You must refresh the web admin console to see Current time updated.

  6. Click Apply.

Set internal device clocks

To set the clocks of devices in your internal network, create firewall and NAT rules using the NTP service.