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Verify HA status

You can see the HA information on the web admin console and the command-line interface (CLI).

Web admin console

You can identify HA devices and their role and status as follows:

  • Browser tab: The node name is shown in the browser tab.
  • Banner: A banner identifying the HA role on all the pages of the auxiliary device.
  • Drop-down menu: The node name is shown in the upper-right corner on all the pages of the web admin console. Click this to see the HA details in the drop-down menu.

    Here's an example:

    HA details in drop-down menu.

Command-line interface (CLI)

To see the node name, status, and time, sign in to the CLI.

Here's an example:

HA details after sign-in to CLI.

You can see the device role at the command prompt, which helps with troubleshooting. Do as follows:

  1. Enter 5 for Device management.
  2. Enter 3 for Advanced shell.

Here's an example:

HA role at command prompt.

To see the HA status and configuration details, do as follows:

  1. Sign in to the CLI of the primary device.
  2. Enter 4 to select Device console.
  3. Enter system ha show details
  4. Press Enter.

Here's an example:

HA status shown on the CLI.