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Access rules and policies

Configure device access, firewall, WAF, and SSL/TLS inspection rules and policies.

Device access

  • Control access to the WAN zone, web admin console, and local services from Administration > Device access. See Device access.
  • Use the local service ACL exception rules to allow access to the device's admin services. See Add local service ACL exception rule.

Rules and policies

  • Configure firewall rules to control traffic flow between zones and networks.

    With firewall rules, you can configure the following settings and policies:

    • Web filtering settings.
    • Synchronized Security Heartbeat settings to protect endpoint devices and servers in your network.
    • Application control, IPS, and traffic shaping policies.

    See Firewall rules.


    The firewall creates default rule groups containing a firewall rule to drop traffic going to WAN, DMZ, and internal zones (LAN, Wi-Fi, VPN, and DMZ).

  • Configure web server protection (WAF) rules to protect your applications and websites. See Web server protection (WAF) rules.

  • Configure SSL/TLS inspection rules to intercept and decrypt SSL and TLS connections over TCP. See SSL/TLS inspection rules.