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Licensing info

You can view and synchronize your licenses from Sophos Firewall.

Device registration details

Shows the firewall's appliance model, serial number, and device registration details.

To see the device registration details and the status of the licenses, go to Administration > Licensing.

You'll see the registration details when you claim your firewall in Sophos Central.

For information about how to claim your firewall in Sophos Central, see Set up a new firewall with Sophos Central.

Synchronizing licenses

When Sophos Firewall is connected to the internet, the firewall synchronizes with Sophos Central every 24 hours, and licenses are updated automatically.

You can click Synchronize to synchronize the licenses manually for the latest subscriptions.

Activate a license key

You can activate paid license subscriptions and evaluation licenses. See Set up a new firewall with Sophos Central.

Module subscription details

You can subscribe to the license modules as follows:

  • With a license key (paid subscription).
  • Without a license key for a 30-day trial (free subscription).


If you want to evaluate a module again later, you can activate its evaluation in the next major version.

Example: If you evaluated Zero-day protection in version 19.0 but didn't buy it, you can activate its evaluation again in 20.0.

You can see the status of the subscriptions and their expiration date. Statuses can be one of the following:

  • Subscribed
  • Evaluating
  • Not subscribed
  • Expired

You can find more information about subscriptions on this page: Manage your firewall licenses.

License bundles

The following license bundles are available for XGS and XG Series firewalls:

Xstream Appliance Bundle Standard Appliance Bundle
Base License Base License

Xstream protection

  • Network Protection
  • Web Protection
  • Zero-Day Protection
  • Central Orchestration
  • DNS Protection
  • Enhanced Support

Standard protection

  • Network Protection
  • Web Protection
  • Enhanced Support

Individual licenses and firewall features

You can also subscribe to individual licenses. The licenses deliver the following features:

  • Base License: Stateful Firewall, VPN, Wireless, High-availability, Firewall RED.
  • Network Protection: Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Sophos X-Ops threat feeds, SD-RED Device Management, Security Heartbeat.
  • Web Protection: Web Security and Control, Application control, including Synchronized Application Control, Web Malware Protection.
  • Zero-day protection: Machine Learning, Sandboxing File Analysis, Threat Intelligence.
  • Central Orchestration: SD-WAN VPN Orchestration, CFR Advanced.
  • Email Protection: Anti-spam, Antivirus, DLP, Encryption, Email Malware Protection.
  • Webserver Protection: Web Application Firewall.
  • DNS Protection: DNS Protection.


For Support subscriptions, see Support scope and communication methods.