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You can deploy the Sophos Firewall virtual appliance on the KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) platform.


The prerequisites are as follows:


To run the Sophos Firewall VM on Proxmox, you must turn off Use QEMU Guest Agent in the VM settings in Proxmox.

  • You must have a server with x86 architecture with a recent Linux kernel and one of these processors:

    • Intel processor with VT (virtualization technology) extensions
    • AMD processor with SVM extensions (AMD-V)
  • Check if the CPU supports Intel VT or AMD-V using the following commands:

    • Intel VT: #!sh grep --color vmx /proc/cpuinfo
    • AMD-V: #!sh grep --color svm /proc/cpuinfo
  • You must have a management device with KVM management tools installed. See KVM Management Tools.

System requirements

Sophos Firewall goes into fail-safe mode if you don't meet the minimum requirements.

The system requirements are as follows:

Hardware Specification
vCPU 1
vRAM 4 GB minimum
vNIC 2
Primary disk 16 GB minimum
Report disk 80 GB minimum


Configure the vCPU and vRAM based on the purchased license. Don't exceed the maximum number of vCPUs specified in the license.