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Sophos Firewall

  • Startup help

    Information about the user interface and best practices, as well as step-by-step configuration examples for common scenarios

    Startup help

  • Administrator help

    Information on how to configure Sophos Firewall and how it works

    Administrator help

  • VPN and User Portal help

    Information about the Sophos Firewall VPN and user portals

    VPN and user portals

  • High availability startup guide

    How to setup HA using QuickHA or the interactive mode

    High availablity startup guide

  • Command line guide

    Information on how to use the command-line interface of Sophos Firewall

    Command line help

  • Sophos Firewall virtual and software appliances help

    How to setup Sophos Firewall on Hyper-V, Nutanix Prism, KVM, VMware, Citrix Hypervisor, and as a software appliance

    Virtual and software appliances help