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Application object

An application object is used together with an SD-WAN route enabling easy control of how application traffic is routed through the network.

An application object is made up of one or more applications for which traffic needs to be routed together. For example, you may use more than one VoIP application but want all traffic for those applications routed together.

The applications available are updated dynamically via IPS updates when added by Sophos or via SSC discovery when added manually.

Add an application object

To create a new application object, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Applications > Application object and click Add.
  2. Give the object a name.
  3. Use the dropdown lists to filter applications based on the following:

    • Category: For example, network services, streaming media or VOIP.
    • Risk: Applications are given a risk score from very low to very high.
    • Characteristics: For example, applications that are prone to misuse or have the ability to transfer files.
    • Technology: The available options are: browser-based, client-server, network protocol, P2P, and synchronized application control.
    • Classification: The available options are: new, sanctioned, unsanctioned, and tolerated.
    • Use the dropdown menu to filter applications by name. For example, enter Skype to list all applications with Skype in the name.
  4. Select the applications you want to add using the checkboxes to the left.

  5. Click Save.